Friday, January 2, 2015

Muffin Tin Challenge

Here are some bead mixes that I have ready to work on.  This is for a bead challenge over at Humblebeads with Heather Powers. She called it the "Muffin Tin Challenge."  Should be fun!

Below are close-ups of all the beads in each tin.

Blues and Lavender 

The Peacock Pendant is one of Humblebeads polymer clay and water color pendants.

Love the irridescent glass beads in the center.

This group features lampwork squares by Fairhill Designs LLC, Patricia Thielman.  The larger focal bead was from a destash that I bought on Etsy. It's matte instead of glossy, but I'm hoping it will go well with the other beads.

Porcelain, pearls, and Ruby rondelles; the ceramic square is from ktotten on Etsy

Here's the matte Black Onyx nuggets, porcelain and matte seed beads from above. I added the black add red leaves this time around.

The porcelain flower pendant (in the center) from Marlas Mud on Etsy was the inspiration for the colors in this group.

Another ceramic piece from Shaterra on Etsy that inspired the beads in this group

The Ryolite faceted ovals on the right were the inspiration here.

I love aqua, and the glass dragonfly focals on the bottom from Stinky Dog Beads started this group

As did the dragonflies on the top right with this group. 

I've done these beads together before; the freshwater pearls are diagonally drilled which makes them really fun.

So hopefully I'll have more to post when I start making the jewelry!


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