Friday, January 14, 2011

More of My Sister's Beads

Made a few more pieces of jewelry with my sister's beads that I'll add below.  I used up most of the strands of beads except for two strands which I'm going to save for next week. 

I've also been playing around with pictures, backgrounds and poses.  I'll post some of the better shots.  Some of the closeups got a little blurry, so I'll have to do some cropping of the better shots so you can see the detail.  Taking pictures of jewelry is very tricky, and I don't really have the right setup with my lights as you can see some glare and shadows.  I do have a lot of 12x12 sheets of paper which I've testing out as the background.  I also need to get out a couple of busts so you can see the length and how the necklaces lay.

So much to do!  And I feel like the day flies by before I've gotten much done.  Hopefully I'll get better at that as time goes by. 

I'm looking forward to making more jewelry with wire and beads.  That's what I hope to do this weekend.  I also have quite a few new pieces of antique gold and antique copper filigree that I want to work very soon. 



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