Monday, February 28, 2011

My sister's beads conclusion

My sister's beads found their way home to San Diego on February 14th.

According to my sister:
"We got home from a weekend in Big Bear and Amanda said “Hey Mom, there’s a package on the front bench for you”… She showed it to me and I just knew it was jewelry!!!
We love them all! I have to figure out a “hanging system” for the upstairs hallway so that we can hang the sets and share them. I did just hand over the necklaces with the turtles, etc. and Amanda had one on last night when she got home from school (translation – she loved it!).

Anyway, I was going to email you yesterday and let you know we have them and they arrived safe and sound. It was MONDAY and there was a lot of stuff going on so I forgot until late last night.

Thank you thank you thank you! We love them and you!!!"
So there's a happy ending for my sister's beads. 

Now I just have to get ready for my first Arts and Craft Show of the year....


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